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The Story of curse becoming grace

There was a mother embroidering a frame with her little son sitting on a stool watching her embroidery carefully. He asked his mom,"Mom, what is this?This is very ugly".His mother was patient till the embroidery got completed.She then showed the... Continue Reading →


Through my fault

     Through my fault ,through my fault through my most grievous fault”-We must’ve heard this sentence somewhere,haven't we? In the beginning of Every Holy Mass, We beg God’s Mercy to make us worthy to offer the Most Holy Sacrifice of... Continue Reading →

Most Holy Mass-Mystery of Faith

Many of us have a misconception that only Eucharist Celebration is the Mass. Many of us keep eyeing our watch for every tick-tock whenever there seems an extension in the priest’s regular sermon. Many of us enter the church only... Continue Reading →

Sacrament of Reconciliation

It was the first time, he was hearing the “Adam and Eve” story in his school. Little John was always fond of exploring things. He went straight to his home, took the Bible and started reading Genesis. He was reading... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Threes

The Sky was hidden inside the dark clouds. One could hear the lovely song of the sweet little birds. A deep silence covered the city. ”Oh, Father ...”, yelled Tony, a five-year-old from his room. Mom and Dad hurried to... Continue Reading →


Before Looking at the homeless, I never thanked You Oh Lord! For the protection given by You, since I was in My Mother’s Womb, I never begged You either to feed me or to clothe me Yet You feed me and... Continue Reading →

Praise You Immaculate

Oh, Mother My Mother Oh Clement Immaculate, Teach us to walk in light, Shown by Your Divine Son... Oh, Holy  in glory  Oh Pleasant in Sorrow, Help us to grab His feet, With courage  to  lead the life... Oh, Mother... Continue Reading →

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